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What our Clients Think...

Simon Ayres - The Milestone Sheffield

"We use Ultra Sharp once a month, keeping our knives fully functional. Ultra Sharp will even come out to us in an emergency....

We can concentrate on the job rather than sharpening the blade."

Jason Horton- Rutland Hotel Sheffield

"I use ultra sharp because you get value for money....

Great service, the knives always come out very good and they hold their edge."

Paul Crosland head chef at Nonna's Chesterfield

"Using fresh produce gives the knives a lot of hammer, I can sharpen them as much as I want but Mick gets them sharp first time - every time. ....

I even buy knives from Mick for home use"

Ultrasharp Professional Knife Sharpening Services

Knife Sharpening Services Recommended by Yorkshires Top Chefs

Ultra-sharp Professional Sharpening offers a whole range of service to cater the needs of any kitchen. Whether the kitchen is in a hotel, pub, college, or outdoor catering, Ultra-sharp can offer a service which is unparallel to chef's sharpening their own knives.

Not only will Ultra-sharp sharpen your knives to the highest standard they will do the sharpening on site, meaning the knives don't leave the kitchen for long, allowing the kitchen staff to get on with their work.

One thing that chef's are told when training is that a sharp knife is a safe knife. Using a blunt knife more pressure needs to be applies meaning more of a chance of slipping and cutting yourself.

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